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Joshua E.
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Hi Friends!

I want to help more students reach their dreams. The SMC Foundation's scholarships have helped me (here's a photo of me receiving a scholarship last June). 

My journey to SMC hasuploads%2F2018-10-301540923965613-Josh+Elizondo+for+Assistance+League+of+SM+croppedjpg.jpg been complicated -- from foster care to homelessness. SMC has been like a home to me. I am involved in so much here, including leadership positions,  that I come to campus even on days when I don't have class. 

The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome in my life was growing up in the foster care system. I was taken away from an unhealthy family situation when I was around twelve. One of the homes was out of the reality show Hoarders. There has been rejection, heartbreak, alcoholism (my own). But through being active in SMC's Guardian Scholars program, availing myself of academic and career counselors and becoming involved in student leadership I am now in a good place.


My childhood forced me to look at my life and realize that I am bigger than my circumstances. As soon as I graduated from high school, I moved across the country: from Detroit, Michigan to Los Angeles—on my own—to pursue higher education and a career in entertainment. When I left, I had to give up the financial and other support due to me as a ward of the state of Michigan. But I did not hesitate. For my dreams, I literally put everything on the line.  An article published in SMC's newsletter gives more details about everything I am involved in and my plans for the future. 

As you are choosing which charities to support during the holidays , please include a donation to my page. $1,200 for tuition might not seem like much, but it is a lot for those who don't have it. Your donation will help provide scholarships for current and transferring students, textbook vouchers and emergency student relief funds.

Please consider making a gift. You are creating a powerful ripple effect when you help a hard-working student persist, reach his dream university and ultimately lift his family for generations to come.

In gratitude,



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